Monday, February 9, 2009

Enterprise Architecture can't be done by Enterprise Architects (it needs to be done by the Enterprise)

Enterprise Architects keep wondering why their Enterprise Architecture initiatives fail.

They find all sorts of people to blame e.g. internal sponsor, business units (autonomy), vendors, economy, etc.

The real reason they fail is that in most cases the Architects fail to lead and coach the Enterprise so that the Enterprise can record, develop, extend and analyse how and why it operates (including its use of technology). Rather they attempt to do the Architecture for the Enterprise (or get consultants in to do it).

It is a little like employing someone to diet or get fit for you. It is unlikely to change you (or the Enterprise) unless you (or the Enterprise) does it.

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  1. Michael,

    though not really using Enterprise Architecture as a startingpoint but using SOA for this in stead. I had great fun reading Todd Biske's book on SOA Governance. A review of his book can be found at:

    It describes more or less the same problems and approaches that you suggest.