Thursday, January 26, 2012

Counter-reductionist approach to requirements and projects

I like what this man Dr. Leon Kappelman says "It is the bane of applications and data to be stovepiped and compartmentalized. But that remains the standard by which we train IT and business managers" (

He came to EA the same way I came to EA ie.
"My original focus was software development and obviously the importance of getting the requirements right. Well, it turns out that to have the requirements right, you need what you are working on in the context of the whole because otherwise you might build a great system but it doesn't create value. It might be adding redundancy or be the 73rd system to connect 72 other systems. Even if those other 72 systems are part of stovepiped business units and are perfectly aligned with them and serve their needs, as a whole the enterprise is wasting a ton of money and a ton of resources and talent."

I think it great that he identifies the problems with the “reductionist” which I had put down to solipsism of many of the technical people I have met who are interested just in their little slice of reality - their jigsaw piece. The problems are not just with technologist, but with projects in large organizations, where most operate as if the project's by itself produces business value.
I think we need to look at solutions and methods to suppirt a counter-reductionist approach. That is why we have focused on a strategic holistic approach to demand and requirements management.

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