Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make good information available to everyone

I like what Jeanne Ross (Director and Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Center for Information System Research) says as reported here:

Coming from the siloed past in IT, companies are now moving to business service-driven processes across various resources ... But they need to recognize the forces around consumption of such services, not just the implementation.

Making good data management a priority, a “single source of truth” is also at the heart of making EA valuable,...Ensuring the quality of data and the speed of data refresh will help enterprise architects rise in performance appreciation more than just about anything else..."

“You don’t get good analytics with bad data,” ...“The secret to good EA is to put information in every person’s hands so they can use data better.” And that in turn will help transform the business and spur added innovation using IT systems and good architecture principles.

Most senior executives aren’t very good at combining business and technology strategies

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