Thursday, October 17, 2013

Enterprise Business Demand and Requirements Management - EPM, COBIT, TOGAF

In developing a requirements management approach for a large enterprise it is essential to understand that business requirements are NOT software requirements. The history of failure in transformation initiatives is based on mistaken, traditional approaches, that fail to recognize the distinction between approaches suited to enterprises, solutions and solution elements (i.e. SW engineering, and its associated requirements methods, which is oriented at solution elements). And on a orthogonal but related axis that business views of things and engineering views - are different views.

In terms of things like the Scaled Agile Framework - the issues that need to be addressed 1st and foremost are at the portfolio level an above. It also needs to be recognised that for enterprises software development is a necessary evil NOT a a goal.

In developing our approach to demand and requirements management we considered things from a governance perspective e.g. using COBIT as reference, and an EA/SA perspective using TOGAF as a perspective and developed an approach leveraging off enterprise portfolio management - as in reality requirements leverage off and result in changes in the enterprise portfolio.

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