Thursday, June 25, 2015

Requirements management needs to be done better - no kidding Sherlock

PMI Pulse of the Profession - on Requirements Management - . The good news is that the PMI doesn't - like most discussing requirements - orient everything around SW requirements management. And they clearly state there is a problem:
  • 1 in 3 projects unsuccessful
  • Poor requirements management is a major cause of project failure
  • There is shortage of research on how to approach requirements management.
PMI defines Requirements Management as:
  • Planning; Monitoring; Analyzing; Communication and Controlling Requirements
  • a continuous process throughout a project
PMI says are Business Analysis:
  • to be good an business analysis you need to be good at managing requirements
  • it involves determining/identifying problems/needs; identifying viable solutions to meet the needs; managimg requirements to meet business/project objectives
PMI says re skills:
  • the gap is not in technical skills
  • you need to:
    • interpret, align and articulate requirements related to the strategies [e.g. Goals, Strategies in EA]
    • deal with ambiguity [which I suggest starts with identifying it - hence our unanimity score]
    • communicate to many stakeholder i.e. not just developers [which I suggest is ill-served by the technician oriented artifacts, or loose narrative documents, typically produced  today]
Processes: 87% say improvement are required
Competencies: the need for competencies is recognised, but they just do it. Some areas include:
  • ensuring solutions meet business objects [you would think it would be a good place to start with links to the goals, measures, KPIs etc. held in EA]
  • identifying current and future states [which are also recorded in an EA]
  • quantifying effort for requirements work [e.g. see our effort to elaborate properties] - said on a related items:
- improving systems acquisition starts with improving requirements definition during program planning

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