Monday, September 7, 2015

Lightweight Portal based Visual Modelling using Troux

Lightweight Portal based Visual Modelling using Troux

We have developed a simple framework using Troux APIs and a graph path based approached to data to support simple visual modelling. This allows data in a Troux system to be presented to any user using essentially any device (e.g. mobile, tablet, Mac, PC etc.).

We have Troux an excellent solution for aggregating, analyse and present data in many ways. 

Our focus over the last decade has been on creating Troux based solutions.  In doing this we have found ways to unlock more value from data held in Troux, provide users additional ways of interacting with that data.

Our approach ensures that common data is used for all forms of presentation i.e. models, reports, charts and visualisations. This means that set of documents used in project concept and delivery are always consistent. 

Any path through the graph of related objects can be defined and presented without any need for coding (i.e. no XML configurations). Paths can be used to generate: models, reports, analytics, digarams.

There are many BI tools that allow data to presented, charted etc. (and all can be used to access data in Troux). Most adopt a tabular approach to the representation of the data (which is limiting when n-dimensional relationships need to be visualized).

Our frameworks focus predominantly on allowing information to be understood in context by enabling various diagrams or models to be to generated or defined. These diagrams may be: timelines; flow charts; cluster maps; graphs; etc.

Diagrams and visualisation can be configured by users and saved as templates for re-use.They can be presented in stand alone portals or via Troux portals. 

The visualisation framework is device agnostic and oriented at HTML5 browsers. 

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